It’s you

It’s you in the bright morning
It’s you in the dark night
just like an angel from my dreams
you showed up in my life
to give me light

For all that you’re
For everything you do
I’m thankful for all your implements
& for showing me the truth

Its you in the bright morning
Its you in the dark night
No matter I’m awake or asleep
you’re just always on my mind

You lighten up my days
you gave me hope
you brightens up my life
being my perfect horoscope

Its you in my bright mornings
its you in my dark night
I love that you exists now only in my dreams
I’m glad, at least you’re no more here to blight!

confusing love#

Do you believe in love at first sight 

They always ask this question 

“Do you believe in love at first sight? “

Of course yes

I’m still in love with this little teddy my dad brought me when I was 10

I do love Sponge bob & Tom & Rapunzel & My little brother too, it was all love at first sight 

& this question really makes me wonder didn’t they ever fell in love like this or maybe it’s just that their love have completely different definition

LOVE that only happens with an opposite sex, with lust somewhere in corner of heart 

I wonder haven’t they fall in love with a novel’s cover page or the person they meet while travelling by a  public transport 

Maybe for them love is just about planning kids with someone or maybe end up getting married 

I feel pity for them, because for me love is everything that makes me happy & let my soul feel peace

Just like when I see a puppy coming towards me or a beautiful sunset. 

I do fall in love everyday & yes it is lovely to fall in love at first sight. 

& I think to explain them this stuff but I end up answering this silly question saying “yes, I do”

Because I really do. 

confusing love#


​Wo waqt ka guzar jaana hawa ka jhoka bankar

Wo saath tere hona saari baate bhulkar

Khwahisho ke wo jo manzar nazar aae the

Wo baate aaj bhi sukoon deti hai.

Tanhai se mohabbat ab hone se rahi 

Par or koi hai kaafila bhi nahi

Khushfehmi hai magar jo tere saath hone ki

Fir ye khaali raate bhi ab sukoon deti hai..

confusing love#


Shiddat hai ye tere ishq ki

ya dil ki kahu khushfehmiyan

hai badgumani ye sabhi kehta hai zehen

mai kehti hu nazro ki nadaaniya,

Na rukti ye tujhpe na milti ye nazre

na hota mera dil bhi yu bekaraar

Jo chalti zehen ki na hota dil pagal

na hota mujhe fir shayad yu pyaar,

Par mukhlisi bhi to dil ki koi dekhe sanam

Jo chale the tujh tak fir na laute kadam

to kya milti na nazre to na hota dil pagal

ya hai ye bhi bas mere dil ka wehem,

Yu to zehen ne bhi na toka tha nazro ko

thi isne bhi jheli kabhi muflisiyat

to kya ab bhi kahu mai nadaani nazro ki

ya zehen ki hi thi ye saari “chal-e-mohabbat”

confusing love#

It’s all in the planets

​Both of us knew,it was meant to be “nothing”

Also we knew that everything is a worth try

So there we were playing “Luck vs Love”

Knowing that soon we’ll be saying “goodbye”

Love Made us smile,made us feel something,

& taught us to glow just like a flower,

But there was luck too planning something

Because he knew nothing lasts forever

So the air was still;dark & deep

For he who rules the seas & stars

Forgot to write two of us together

& there we were left being lovelorns  with scars

Luck was enchanted as he won the game

He never knew the ways we have been threat

& that we knew this long ago

That Its all in the planets

confusing love#

Strong enough

I love doing this, writing long letters for people around me about stuffs I feel I can’t speak directly.

But then I often realize that either I let them know this or not its just simply not gonna matter to them,the happiness, pain, weakness & stuffs they are making feel is just not gonna matter to them.

& then I have often found myself tearing all those lengthy letter in small pieces.

It really feels great realizing that I’m strong enough to handle myself, either people around me understand me or not, either they know what I’m going through or not, I’m strong & enough for myself…….